December 8th, 2015


Занятия по-английскому

Задали написать ревью к игрушке или фильму.

Вот это я потащу завтра на растерзание.

Brutal Legend is more about an aesthetic show than gameplay. Yes, it is a proper game with an intricate gameplay of many interwoven genres, with swift changes from a third person slasher through an arcade race to a tactical battle for a tower dominance. Still, the main part of the game is kitsсh and forgotten childish dream about coolness. It boasts glory and vivid brutality of the golden age of hard rock, binding together all archetypal memes of the time. In addition it’s glazed with nostalgy about good old times, with a bit of self-irony - for forty year old boys, who just remembered the youth.

Story is bloody, setting is epic, heroes are brutal and girls are hot. To make it more spicy for oldies, it is glimmering with a few noir-ish strokes of bitterness of a burnout mid-age man, who sees time passing and new generation replacing his achievements with their own new ideas he rejects.

Nevertheless, the main theme is all about fun and about child dreams of something incredibly cool to worship.

You want to see mountains made of giant blades piercing clouds? You have it! You want to see burning electric guitar trembling the earth and knocking out the foes? You got it! How about giant metallic spiders with razors instead of jaws spewing web of hand-thick steel wires? Or enormous dam maid of subwoofers capable of scatter rocks? Or hellish creatures raised by your guitar solo? Enemy crowd turning to your side by crazy breathtaking rock music you play to lead them? Yes, yes, and you can ask for extra.

Brutal Legend keeps high standards of Double Fine games - rich and expressive grotesque heroes, original and amusing visual metaphors, perfectly suited voice actors together with a tiny bit of social satire, sufficient to cause snicker but not enough to become gloomy serious.


Есть задача мониторить latency для большого числа хостов в почти реальном времени. Ожидается что-то порядка 50 пингов в секунду, при этом в параллель, т.к. часть узлов будет тупить и отвечать за 200-500мс (или хуже).

Хочется иметь конфигурацию в БД и результаты там же, то есть какое-то подобие "ping-сервера".

Есть ли какие-то готовые решения? Opensource & linux.


(кросс-пост в ru_root)

Заметки с совещания

Обсуждение на чём писать многопоточный сетевой сервис с высокой нагрузкой.

- На чём пишем?
- Erlang
- Go
- Ocaml
- Lua
- Ada
- Pascal
- Lisp
- Prolog
- Groovy
- ...

Все задумались и поняли, что задача нерешаема.

херов бинг

Как им вообще можно пользоваться? Как можно не найти картинку по такой комбинации слов?

Алсо, crowdsource search engine, найдите-таки мне эту картинку, а?