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Не могу не процитировать.


I apologize for my Email, I don't intend to be intrusive by sending
annoying Emails but I simply thought you might be interested by new ideas
in functional programming.
Little more than one year ago, I had an original idea in Lisp programming about how to change the evaluation mechanism for Lisp-like expressions in order to obtain more flexibility in programming.
This idea led me to define two dialects of Lisp that I named FlexLisp,
respectively Lecprog2.
In my opinion, both offer more flexibility than Common Lisp.
I prefer Lecprog2 because it has a more simple syntax than FlexLisp.
I send you an introductory document about Lecprog2 as an attached file (" Lecprog2.pdf").
I believe that a new interesting idea has no value if it is not shared with
specialists in the corresponding area. If you consider my idea to be really interesting then feel free to inform other software specialists from Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Czech Republic, Armenia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, etc) about it.

In my opinion, a powerful functional language like Lecprog2 which is
briefly described in my manuscript could be a good starting point for
a new efficient IT technology developed in Eastern Europe.
Such software technology could be based on one single powerful language
like Lecprog2 (or Lua, Lisp, Prolog) .
But such new performant software technology could be efficiently developed only by a team of experienced programmers in C, C++, and functional programming. And this could require some important investments (mainly for the salaries of
these programmers).
Despite the fact it is not usual yet (unfortunately) to invest in
innovative technologies in Eastern Europe, I keep hope alive that
such efficient software technology will be developed some day in
Eastern Europe.

If you consider this Email inappropriate then please accept my apologies.

Kind Regards,
Cristian Chidesa

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