November 16th, 2016



Contrary to common belief, not every developer prefers to run code locally or on nearby machines with low RTT. Our survey shows that certain cohorts of developers specifically prefer hosts with maximum latencies (RTT). When presented with options of fast, sub-millisecond latency, 10-20 ms latency, 100-200ms latency and 300-500 ms latency most of participants selected 100-200 or 300-500ms latency servers.

List of cohorts with a strong preference for high-latency test machines:
- Emergency shutdown protocols developers for nuclear reactors
- 'Friend or foe' systems developers for automatic turrets
- Developers of biohazard concealment systems


Microsoft сказала, что любит Linux и вступила в Linux Foundation. В ответ Google пригрозил начать любить .net и вступил в .Net Foundation. Майкрософт испугалась и сдала назад.