February 4th, 2020



Невозможно написать оркестратор на Ансибл. Сколько бы не хотелось, не возможно. Оркестратор принимает сложные решения исходя из сложных обстоятельств, а ансибл не умеет принимать сложные решения.


ai dungeon

Это какой-то бешеный эпик вин. Я поиграл в обычную фигню с копанием в заброшенных руинах и попробовал что-то умное.

Не всякий гейм-мастер так сможет. Со стрелочкой мой ввод, потом сгенерировпнная история.

> Ask if set which contains all sets whose do not contain themselves should contain itself or not?

You ask the mathematician if
there is any set which contains
all sets which do not contain
themselves. He replies that
there is such a set, but it
doesn't exist. You then ask
whether it should contain itself
or not.

He replies that it doesn't
matter, as long as it doesn't
contain itself.

> Pounder if class approach is a solution to Russel paradox of self-containing sets.

You decide to use the class
approach which has been proposed
by the mathematician. The idea
is that you take two classes and
try to show that they are
equivalent. This will allow you
to prove your own result without
having to go through the whole
Russell's Paradox again.

> Pounder more

You continue with the class
approach, but now you start
looking for a third class. You
find one: the "pounding" class.
A pounding class consists of
sets which contain each other in
every possible way.