amarao (amarao_san) wrote,

Xeon E5 erratra

ipmi sel list
2013/08/29 10:53:28 OEM CPLD CATERR - Asserted
(хост не продакте и без нагрузки)

Пока что нагуглено:
BT83. Using DMA XOR With DCA May Cause a Machine Check Problem: If both DCA (direct cache access) and DMA XOR operations are active at the same time, then invalid prefetch hints may be generated. These prefetch transactions may not complete and could result in a timeout machine check, which will cause CATERR# to become asserted.
Implication: Invalid prefetch hints may not complete resulting in a machine check.
Workaround: If using DMA XOR operations, disable DCA by clearing CHANCTRL. Completion_Write_DCA_Enable (Offset 80H; Bit 9) in the region described by CB_BAR (Device: 10; Function 0-7; 0ffset 80H).
Tags: inel, ipmi, грабли

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