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If haproxy is configured to use /dev/logger, it can sometimes print to stderr:
service  haproxy restart
* Restarting haproxy haproxy
[ALERT] 093/183407 (2755) : sendto logger #1 failed: Resource temporarily unavailable (errno=11)

Reason is small udp queue, and non-blocking UDP sockets plus slow syslog cause those errors. In detail it explained here:

How to fix:

sysctl net.unix.max_dgram_qlen=100 (or larger number)
service rsyslog restart

To make changes persistent, create sysctl settings:
echo " net.unix.max_dgram_qlen = 100" > /etc/sysctl.d/dgram_qlen.conf
Tags: haproxy, howto, linux network, rsyslog, syslog

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